Creative Thinking for the Next Generation- Dr. Cheryl Pruitt

Dr. Cheryl Pruitt says Creativity is the soul of the world; the color that makes things pop out from the ordinary. Sadly, over the passage of time, the urge for creativity is being replaced with the “By the Book” approach. Our new generations are told to work by the instructions and to restrict their imagination to only their rooms, giving them no room to flourish and stand out. The epitome of sadness is realized in the fact that we all want our children to be a doctor, engineer or an accountant but none of us wants them to e a writer, painter or actor, just because we know that they won’t be successful.

According to Dr. Cheryl Pruitt, the damage we made by restricting our generation from being creative should be undone, and that requires a lot of work. Nonetheless, no matter how much effort required, the results will be worth the hard work.

Realize that out of school time tends to be more inspiring and powerful to lead to a life of creativity than school time. Innovators tend to take responsibility for their learning when they are in their own time.

Dr. Cheryl Pruitt added further provides unique experiences with that surprise and allows children to see things from new perspectives. It’s museums, shows, traveling around the world, going away to summer camp, going to the next town, selling Girl Scout cookies, or even swimming in a pool with the scent of ripe grapes that allow one to imagine a world they know nothing about.

Teach how to tell stories is an essential skill if one is to have their creations become realized. Whether it’s sharing visually, verbally, in writing, or with new technology tools, those who can tell compelling stories that are empathic to their audiences allow their ideas to come alive for others.

Providing career role models is a strong effort to help students understand options for what their life could be like. They can only imagine what they see, and if you only see rock stars and sports heroes, that’s all they will imagine as their future. Let them explore what they want to be rather than directing them towards an option.

Teachers and parents should listen more to the babies and let them do their own thing rather than telling them what to do. Encourage not just hearing children, but also to ask questions so you can understand and realize and so they feel that you care and can be a mentor for them and their explorations. This is something the internet cannot do.

Dr. Cheryl Pruitt says let your babies fly in these of imagination and creativity. Let them be on edge about everything, asking questions, making their version. Trust me; this is something the world needs, a brighter color and some better people.

Muddasar Rasheed