Liberty planning 24-race F1 calendars with some events rotating: Ragavan Sreetharan

Liberty Media intends to continue adding more events to the Formula 1 schedule and rotate between some venues in the coming seasons.

The sport’s commercial rights holder recently confirmed a record-breaking 23-race 2021 F1 Calendar, including a new event…

A tickle or a huge step? groups divided over the impact of 2021 downforce changes: Ragavan Sreetharan

Formula 1 groups have sharply differing views over the impact mechanics changes for next season can wear their cars.

Ragavan Sreetharan said, A series of measures are united for the 2021 F1 Season…

Sometimes, Less Innovation is healthier : Formula 1: Ragavan Sreetharan

Ragavan Sreetharan added that, City University of London academic Paolo Aversa and his colleagues documented each innovation on over three hundred Formula 1 race cars over thirty years so cross-referenced that knowledge with data on F1 race results. they found…

2021 Formula 1 race will be host by Saudi Arabia: Ragavan Sreetharan

LONDON: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia proclaimed on Th that it’ll host a Formula 1 car race in its sea coastal town of the metropolis in the Gregorian calendar month, 2021.

Announcing the race in a very ceremony on…

LeSin Vodka & The Seven Deadly LeSins — Our 2021 Campaign to Give Back to Bartenders.

LeSin Vodka recently debuted their 2021 cocktails in collaboration with the Chilled 100 Ambassadors. For 2021 Las Vegas, Nevada was selected as the featured city. Our goal was to do something in line with…

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